Managing a condominium complex presents some interesting challenges.  How to handle upkeep costs for shared facilities?  What responsibilities should the condo governing body have?  When a resident is unhappy about an issue, what’s the procedure?

At Ruane Property Management, we’ve spent years dealing with these questions and successfully providing condo management for properties in Marlborough and throughout the Worcester area.  We currently oversee complete management services for condominium properties ranging in size from 3 units to over 40 units.  Regardless of number of units, though, there are a few commonly useful strategies for successful condo management.

First, Marlborough condo owners themselves are a valuable resource.  Effective condo management companies need to facilitate good communication with and between the owners.  Condo board meetings are useful but be sure to provide written minutes of those meetings for those who couldn’t attend.  Also, since funding, maintaining and using shared facilities has potential for disagreements, it is important to foster open dialogue and clear bylaws to minimize conflicts.

Meanwhile, building maintenance is another crucial aspect of condo management.  At Ruane, we take a proactive approach to condo management.  Using periodic inspections, we take a long-term view towards building maintenance.  With an in-house handyperson staff and a roster of trusted independent contractors, we are ready 24/7 for leaks, breaks and other urgent building issues.  In addition, we monitor the infrastructure with an eye to the future, so you’ll be sure to hear if your Marlborough property needs a new roof, a repaved parking lot or other updates.

Whether you are looking for condo management in Marlborough, Worcester or throughout Central MA, Ruane Property Management can help your situation.  Contact our professionals today for a free site evaluation or for any other condo management questions.

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