MetroWest property owners are more aware than ever of the benefits of a reliable snow removal company.   Add in the leaky faucets, new tenant screenings and other maintenance headaches and the value of working with a professional property management company like Ruane Property Management becomes apparent.

Speaking of snow removal companies, Ruane offers these tips for ensuring that a professional property management company keeps your MetroWest parking lots and walkways clear of the white stuff.

  • The Contract

    A clear and explicit contract is crucial for an effective Metrowest snow removal company.  This may seem like overkill but there are many variables and questions that can occur during a winter snow season.  How many inches of snow or separate visits by the snow removal company are covered?  What about refreezing of snow melt on a parking lot?  Is there so much snow that it needs to be shipped off-site?  A professional property management company will cover these questions upfront but it pays to ask.

  • Liability

    Does your liability insurance cover any slips and falls or property damage on the premises?  Does your Metrowest snow removal company carry their own liability insurance and what are the limits of their responsibilities?  These and other legal questions are best reviewed beforehand with your attorney, insurance provider, and professional property management company.

  • Details

    Plowing a driveway or parking lot is important during a snowstorm but be sure the little things are also covered by your professional property management company.  Walkways, stairs, even icy handrails in Metrowest may all require attention.  As part of the contract with your snow removal company, be sure to address any and all places that residents or customers might travel.

For more information about using a snow removal company through a professional property management company on your MetroWest property, contact Ruane Property Management today.

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