Leaking faucets.  Snow removal.  Negotiating leases.  These are just a few of the issues to deal with when you are a Northborough commercial property owner.  Luckily, by working with a professional property management company, you can minimize your headaches and focus on your investment.  Ruane Property Management, one of the premier commercial property management providers in Central MA, offers this primer on what a good property manager can do for you.

First and foremost, you need quality tenants and high occupancy for your Northborough or Worcester commercial property.  A professional property management company can take care of all stages of this process, from marketing available retail units to screening potential tenants to communicating with current business tenants.  At Ruane, we know that happy tenants will take better care of your investment property, so we strive to cultivate strong owner-tenant relationships and open, proactive communication between all parties.

Next, building maintenance is crucial.  Regardless of what kind of commercial property you oversee in Northborough, it helps to think long-term about infrastructure.  In addition to everyday fixes and upkeep, a professional property management company keeps an eye on the future, letting you know about upcoming maintenance needs like a new roof, driveway resurfacing, or tree pruning.

Finally, proper accounting is a must.  Your Northborough office or retail space is a financial asset and a professional property management company helps you get the most from that investment.  Ruane property managers provide clients with detailed monthly reports on expenses and income.  We can also discuss long term forecasts, capital planning, and market trends to help you safeguard and build on your commercial real estate investment.

For more information about working with a professional property management company, contact Ruane Property Management today for a free site assessment on your Northborough commercial property.

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