Whether you own a retail space, an office building or a commercial development in Northborough, you want to keep that property in tip-top shape.  Ruane Property Management, one of the premier property maintenance companies in Central MA, offers these tips for what to look for in an effective commercial property manager.

As a Northborough building owner, you hire a property maintenance company to reduce your headaches and safeguard your real estate investment.  Make sure that your property manager can handle all aspects of building maintenance, large or small.  At Ruane, we have an in-house staff of experienced handypersons available round the clock.  If larger or more specialized projects crop up, we also have a roster of trusted independent contractors at the ready to tackle any issue.

An effective property maintenance company monitors your property inside and out.  At Ruane Property Management, we conduct periodic interior and exterior inspections to catch minor issues before they become major (and expensive).  We also update you on long-term maintenance needs; we’ll let you know if your roof looks ready for replacement, when your landscape trees need pruning, or how much it will cost to resurface that old parking lot.  Your Northborough commercial building or retail space is a significant asset, so your property maintenance company should be working with an eye to the future.

Finally, since property maintenance can make up one of the largest portions of your Northborough commercial property’s budget, proper accounting is critical.  Our property managers provide owners with comprehensive monthly financial reports detailing income and expenses.  We also work with you to plan and budget for long-term projects and improvements, keeping your assets sound for years to come.

To find out more about securing a property maintenance company for your Northborough or Worcester area property, contact Ruane Property Management today.

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