The Central MA commercial rental market has grown healthier in recent years and shows few signs of subsiding.  Effective rental property management is key to a successful investment.  Ruane Property Management offers this quick primer on what to look for in a Worcester area rental property management company.

Tenant Relations – First and foremost, you need to find and keep good tenants.  Happy tenants will take good care of your rental property and drastically reduce your headaches.  Your Central Massachusetts rental property management company should deal not just with showing available commercial spaces and rent collection but also with cultivating a strong landlord-tenant relationship.

Building Maintenance – Take care of your Central MA commercial rental property, with an eye toward preventative maintenance and the long term.  Ruane commercial property managers conduct regular interior and exterior building inspections, providing owners with detailed reports.  In addition to monitoring infrastructure systems like plumbing, paving and roofing to make recommendations on needed repairs, we also offer 24/7 prompt service for leaks, outages and other urgent building issues.

Occupancy – Keep those Central MA commercial units rented or leased.  Unoccupied units cut into your bottom line.  That’s why Ruane’s rental property management team offers marketing services for empty units, including showing spaces and serving as liaison in lease contracting.

A good rental property management company can help maximize your investment yield while minimizing your hands-on activity.  Contact Ruane Property Management today for a free site assessment or to speak with our rental property management professionals about your Central MA commercial property.

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